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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

southern boulevard bridge during sunriseAs one of the TPA’s most important documents, the TIP identifies projects for maintaining and improving the transportation system funded by Federal, State and local sources to assist local governments with their transportation planning efforts.

This staged program encompasses a five-year period consisting of all regionally significant transportation improvements to all modes of travel in Palm Beach County. The TIP is based on, and reflects, the FDOT Work Program for Palm Beach County. Highway, bus, rail, port, bicycle/pedestrian and beautification projects are included. The TIP is developed through a continuing, cooperative, comprehensive and coordinated effort involving FDOT, the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, the Port of Palm Beach, the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and municipalities within the County.

Please note: the identified projects may experience unforeseen complications and that the FDOT program and the TIP may be modified throughout the year to accommodate these issues. 

FY 2024 - 2028 TIP Amendment #1

Public Comment is now open for FY 2024 – 2028 TIP Amendment #1. This amendment includes:

  • Rolling of project phases not encumbered in FY 23 into FY 24
  • Increases in costs of SR-700/Connors Hwy resurfacing (4463741)
  • Addition of a design oversight phase to a new SW 18th Transportation Alternatives project (4507841)
Comments can be made using the form below through September 21, 2023.

FY 24-28 TIP Amendment #1 Public Comment


Currently Adopted FY 2023-2027 TIP

FY 2024-2028 TIP

Adopted FY 24-28 TIP (PDF) Adopted June 16, 2023. (Effective 10/01/2023)

FDOT FY 24-28 Draft Tentative Work Program

The TIP starts with the TPA’s annual adoption of a List of Priority Projects, then sharing the list with FDOT, then considers that adopted list in the development of a Draft Work Program.  FDOT presents the Work Program to the TPA “to determine the necessity of making any changes to projects included or to be included in the District Work Program and to hear requests for new projects to be added to, or existing projects to be deleted from, the District Work Program.”

Previously Adopted TIPs

TIP Appendices

TIP for Fiscal Years 2020-2024

  • Original TIP  (As adopted 6-20-2019)
  • Amended TIP  (Reflects TPA Board adopted Amendments #1, #2 and #3 and TPA staff modifications)
  • FY 2016-2020 TIP (adopted 6-18-15, amended as noted below)
    • Appendix B – MPO List of Priority Projects (adopted 9-18-2014)
    • Appendix C – Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FY 2015 
    • Appendix D – TIP Amendments and Modifications
      • Amendment #1 – FDOT Roll-Forward Report (adopted 9-17-15)
      • Amendment #2 – Palm Tran 5307 Roll Forward (adopted 3-17-16)
  • FY 2015-2019 TIP (adopted 6-19-14, reflects Amendment #1)
    • Appendix A – MPO List of Priority Projects (adopted 2013)
    • Appendix B – Long Range Transportation Plan Excerpt Pages
    • Appendix C – Annual Listing of Obligated Projects for FY 2014
    • Appendix D – TIP Amendments & Modifications
    • Appendix E – TIP Total Project Cost Summary
  • Adopted Amendments to the FY 2015-2019 TIP
    • Amendment #1 (adopted 9-18-14) FDOT Roll-Forward and Variance Reports
    • Amendment #2 (adopted 2-19-15) FDOT request to coordinate changes for two Florida’s Turnpike projects
    • Amendment #3 (adopted 5-21-15) FDOT request to increase budget for Beeline Highway project
  • FY 2014-2018 TIP (adopted 6-20-13, amended as noted below)
  • Adopted Amendments to the FY 2014-2018 TIP
    • Amendment #1 (adopted 9-19-13) FDOT Roll-Forward Report
    • Amendment #2 (adopted 12-9-13) Palm Tran maintenance facilities expansion
    • Amendment #3 (adopted 12-9-13) I-95 & Blue Heron interchange
    • Amendment #4 (adopted 2-20-14) I-95 & Atlantic Ave. interchange
    • Amendment #5 (adopted 4-17-14) Turnpike Toll System Replacement Project
    • Amendment #6 (adopted 5-15-14) SR 710 / Beeline Hwy. from west of Australian Ave. to Old Dixie Hwy.
    • Amendment #7 (adopted 4-17-14) SR 80 from Lion Country Safari to Crestwood
    • Amendment #8 (adopted 4-17-14) I-95 at PGA Blvd. / Central Blvd.