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Walk Bike Palm Beach

Find pedestrian and bicycle-related information. The TPA’s mission is to collaboratively plan, prioritize and fund the transportation system and the vision is for a safe, efficient and connected multimodal transportation system.

Florida Bicycle Month

Florida Bicycle Month, celebrated in March of each year, is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage more folks to give bicycling a try. In recognition of Florida Bicycle Month, the TPA Governing Board adopts a Florida Bicycle Month Proclamation every year at the March board meeting. The TPA encourages Palm Beach County municipalities to adopt a Florida Bicycle Month Proclamation (Template).

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

The TPA prioritizes safety for all roadway users, including pedestrian and bicyclists. Learn more about Vision Zero, Complete Streets and other safety efforts below.

Walk Friendly and Bicycle Friendly Community Designations

The TPA encourages local governments to pursue Walk Friendly Bicycle Friendly Community designations. The TPA also encourages local businesses to pursue Bicycle Friendly Business designations as well as local colleges and universities to pursue Bicycle Friendly University designations.

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To apply to be a BFC, visit the Bicycle Friendly Community website. The deadline to apply is June 25, 2024.

To apply to be a BFB, visit the Bicycle Friendly Business website. The deadline to apply is June 5, 2024.

To apply to be a BFU, visit the Bicycle Friendly University website. The deadline to apply is August 8, 2024.

To apply to be a WFC, visit the Walk Friendly Community website. Applications are currently closed, but check back for updates.

Basic Cyclists Safety Tips from Palm Beach TPA:

  • Use a headlight and red rear light or wear reflective clothing that can be seen from 300 feet.
  • Avoid cycling on sidewalks and watch for vehicles turning left or right, and entering or existing parking spaces and driveways – they may be looking for their next move and not see you.
  • Use hand signals to indicate your next move (stop, left turn, right turn). Now you can officially point to the right for right turns instead of relying on a drivers memory to know the other hand signal.
  • Tips for the beginner cyclist:  A few tips to help the beginner cyclist get on the road (CentralFLSports) YouTube
  • Tips for the experienced cyclist:  “5 critical bicycle skills in 5 minutes” for the moderately-experienced cyclist (Global Cycling Network) YouTube
  • Top 10 Tips for Parents:  Safe cycling suggestions to keep your children safe (Univ of Miami’s Kidz Neuroscience Center)  PDF in EnglishPDF in  Spanish,  PDF in  Creole

Basic Pedestrian Safety Tips from Palm Beach TPA:

  • It’s safest to walk on a sidewalk, but if you must walk in the street, walk facing traffic.
  • At night, increase your visibility by carrying a flashlight and wearing light-colored or reflective clothing.
  • Transit users should cross behind the bus to avoid crashes – drivers cannot see in front of the vehicle if you step out into traffic.
  • Use crosswalks or the nearest intersection to safely cross the street.
  • Stay alert in parking lots or around driveways – drivers may be more focused on their destination and not watching for you.