What We Do

Major Projects

The TPA prioritizes approximately $20 million in state and federal funds annually for projects on State-owned roadways in Palm Beach County. The TPA’s LRTP identifies the needs and cost feasible projects the TPA prioritizes for funding in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The projects are prioritized in the List of Priority Projects, which is presented to the committees and Governing Board each July.

Review the SRM Program Overview (PDF) and the 2022 Workshop Presentation (PDF) and Recording.

Application Submittal Forms and Resources Below are links to forms and examples to help with submitting an application. Please use the Application Form, and Cost Estimate Spreadsheet provided below as part of the project submittal.

Palm Beach TPA- Nathan George
Lead Planner – LRTP Coordinator

FDOT – District 4: Christine Fasiska
Transportation Planning Manager