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Pedestrian and Bicycle Count Program

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

TPA Counter Loan Program

The TPA has 6 pedestrian counters and 6 bicycle counters that are available for loan. For information on this program, and for a loan agreement, please contact us at info@PalmBeachTPA.org.


In March 2015 the Palm Beach TPA was awarded a $20,000 grant to participate in the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Program. This program allowed the TPA to purchase equipment to capture pedestrian and bicycle activity throughout the county.

The purpose of collecting bicycle and pedestrian counts throughout the county is to analyze existing patterns, identify deficiencies in the transportation system, evaluate the impacts of projects, and inform future design, planning, prioritization, and maintenance decisions.

Eco-Counter portable counters were identified as the preferred automated devices. Count stations were categorized into factor groups according to area type and facility type to allow TPA Staff to estimate activity levels in uncounted locations with similar characteristics.

Download the 2016 count data for all locations.