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State Road Modifications (SRM)

The TPA’s State Road Modifications program has been formalized and opened to our local partners. This program allocates a portion of the District Dedicated Revenue (DDR) funds to enhancing state roadways in Palm Beach County. The program now hosts an annual application process to identify and fund complete street, traffic calming, and intersection improvement projects identified by the TPA, FDOT, and now our local agency partners on state roadways. Approximately $20.4M is available annually for projects under this program.

Review the SRM Program Overview (PDF).

Funding Program Pre-Application Meetings

In order to apply for funding through one of the TPA’s competitive grant programs, a pre-application meetings is required. Topics covered include the required documents for a Funding Program competitive grant, project details and timelines.

Book a virtual meeting with TPA staff to discuss your application.

Book an in-person meeting with TPA to discuss your application.

Application Submittal Forms and Resources Below are links to forms and examples to help with submitting an application. Please use the Application Form, and Cost Estimate Spreadsheet provided below as part of the project submittal.

Submit Application

SRM Application Form (PDF) (Download and Complete Form for Application Submittal)

Palm Beach TPA- Nathan George
Lead Planner – LRTP Coordinator

FDOT – District 4: Christine Fasiska
Transportation Planning Manager