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Public Participation Plan (PPP)

Public participation is one of the most important parts of transportation planning. Receiving input from residents, businesses, local groups and others during the planning process creates a forward-thinking transportation system for people of all ages and abilities. The TPA’s current Public Participation Plan (PPP) was adopted in September 2020, providing the public with a guidebook for how and when they can participate in local and regional transportation planning and decision-making. The PPP also outlines the TPA’s policies and procedures for public engagement.

2023 PPP Update Open for Public Comment

We want to hear from you and include you in our public participation process! Review the Draft PPP (PDF), open for public comment (posted January 30, 2023). The PPP is scheduled for adoption at the March 16, 2023 Governing Board meeting. 

Public Participation Plan Public Comment


Currently Adopted PPP

The PPP outlines the TPA’s plan and strategies for enhancing public involvement in the transportation planning process for Palm Beach County, Florida and the Miami Urbanized Area. This document assists the TPA in carrying out its mission in an open process that provides complete information, timely public notice, full public access to key decisions and support for early and continued involvement.

View the Public Participation Plan (PDF)