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Transportation is a cornerstone of access to opportunity, quality of life, and a strong economy. To realize these benefits, the Palm Beach TPA collaboratively plans and prioritizes investments to operate, maintain and improve the transportation system. The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is the 25 year vision for transportation desires and investments in the region.

The LRTP offers a comprehensive assessment of the region, reviewing where we live and work, evaluating the existing transportation network, and identifying projects that will serve residents needs in the future. Updated every 5 years, the LRTP provides the TPA with a blueprint to address shifting transportation needs over the next two decades. 

LRTP Update: Vision 2050

The TPA began development of the 2050 LRTP in January 2023, with an anticipated adoption date of December 2024. The agency will share regular Vision 2050 updates. These updates may include draft plan materials, mapping and notices of upcoming opportunities for stakeholder and public input.

The TPA is launching the 2050 LRTP development at an exciting time in transportation. From vehicle technology and electrification to resiliency and mobility as a service (MAAS), it will rapidly reshape the transportation sector. Securing the benefits of these innovations is critical to connecting residents, businesses and visitors with the vast opportunity in Palm Beach County and the South Florida region. 

Schedule of Stakeholder & Public Input

Goals & Objectives
Needs Assessment & Project Evaluation
Modeling & Scenario Planning
Plan Review & Adoption
Spring 2023
Winter 2023
Spring 2024
Fall 2024

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TPA's Goals & Objectives

In each of the TPA’s Core Products, the agency strives to remain true to the mission to deliver a safe, efficient and connected multimodal transportation system. These themes are the foundation of the LRTP goals and objectives.

Regional Coordination

The Southeast Florida Transportation Council (SEFTC) serves as a formal forum for policy coordination and communication to carry out regional initiatives agreed upon by the three agencies. The members from Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties are committed to developing and implementing a coordinated planning effort.

One of SEFTC’s most important responsibilities is developing and implementing its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) in coordination with other regional and local plans, while moving toward an agreed-upon vision for transportation in southeast Florida. The RTP is updated every five years to adapt to the population changes in the region. 

The 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan was adopted on December 12, 2019 and amended on February 20, 2020.

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), adopted October 16, 2014, and subsequent amendments.

  • Executive Summary (updated with Amendments #1 – #8)
  • 2040 LRTP (Updated with Amendments #1 – #8)
  • Amendment #1 (adopted September 17, 2015) Extend the northern limits of US-1 Multimodal Corridor Study to Indiantown Rd.
  • Amendment #2 (adopted February 18, 2016)  LRTP Amendment #2 addresses three corrective actions identified in Certification Review.
  • Amendment #3 (adopted April 20, 2017) I-95 interchange at Glades Rd.
  • Amendment #4 (adopted April 20, 2017) I-95 interchange at Woolbright Rd.
  • Amendment #5 (adopted June 15, 2017) I-95 interchange at Northlake Blvd.
  • Amendment #6 (adopted July 20, 2017) I-95 interchange at 45th St.
  • Amendment #7 (adopted December 14, 2017) I-95 interchange at 6th Ave. S.
  • Amendment #8 (adopted September 20, 2018) Turnpike widening / toll express lanes
  • 2040 Cost Feasible Model Volumes